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Time is a scarce commodity these days, making it hard for us to pursue the things we love to do. But when it comes to racing, there’s no need to sacrifice the thrill of the ride when you can Arrive and Drive. It’s no secret that front-running cars require skilled and continual attention—and that takes time and expertise. That’s why renters and owners alike swear by our A&D services.

We’ll transport your car to the track, in either our 48-foot hauler or 50-foot enclosed trailer, make sure the car has been teched by the proper sanctioning body, and provide trackside support. After the race, we’ll take your car back to our shop, perform routine inspection and maintenance services, repair any collision damage that may have occurred, and get you ready to roll for the next race weekend.

So if you don’t want to own your own trailer, spend time hauling, loading and unloading, want expert car setup and coaching as well as the support of a professional crew should major repairs be necessary, then Arrive and Drive is for you. All you have to do is show up and suit up.

2013 Events

Spec Miata Specialists

Trackside Support
Custom Fabrication

2528 Andalusia Blvd., #3
Cape Coral, FL 33909


  • January 9-11
    Homstead, FL
    Florida Region Majors
  • January 16-18
    Sebring, FL
    Southeastern Conference Majors
  • February 7-8
    Sebring, FL
  • March 20-22
    Atlanta, GA
    Southeast Conference Majors
  • April 17-19
    Southeastern Conference Majors
  • April 18-20
  • May 2-3
    Daytona, FL
    Regional/SECS/TES Enduro/Solo
  • June 13-14
    Sebring, FL
  • July 18-19
    Sebring, FL
    Driver School/Vintage/TES Enduro/PDX
  • August 8-9
    Daytona, FL
    Driver School/Vintage/TES Enduro/PDX Races
  • September 5-6
    Sebring, FL
    Regional Races/TES Enduro/Vintage/PDX
  • September 21-27
    Daytona, FL
    SCCA National Championship Run-Offs
  • October 17-18
    Sebring, FL
    CSCCA National Championship Run-Offs
  • November 28-29
    Sebring, FL
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